I am trying to complete the checkout process and my transaction keeps declining?

There are several reasons why you may be receiving a declined response to your credit card payment information. For enhanced site and customer security we require Address and CVV verification for a transaction to be completed. You may be entering an incorrect billing address (street address or zip code) or CVV information compared to what the card issuing bank has in its system. The billing address, zip code and CVV must match.

Please check your billing information to make sure it is correct and try again. If you continue to receive a decline response and know you have the correct billing info – your financial institution may have a security feature to protect against unauthorized charges. In most cases you can contact them directly and verify you are trying to get the transaction to go through. Once verified you can then go back to our site and complete your purchase.

***Please keep in mind for attempted transactions and authorizations that did not generate an approval you may still have a pending authorization/charge on your account. This is common with declined transactions. Any declined or pending authorizations will not be captured and fall off of your account with 24-48 business hours (timeframe may depend on your financial institution).***


If you continue to have difficulty please Submit a Ticket in our Help Center and provide as much detailed information about the issue you are having. 

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