My International shipment says its been received by Customs but has not moved in a few days. Can you help?

A package can in some circumstances sit in customs for a length of time as it waits for clearance. We do not have an estimated time period for packages to clear as it is out of our control and varies depending on the country. Most countries notify the receiver of the shipment in some form (usually in a letter). Please contact your local customs office or postal carrier for further information on the status of your package. 

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to know the specific import fees, rules, customs procedures and laws regarding any items purchased from Evolution Peptides. We take great strides to ensure each package has the proper documentation that may be needed for safe and expeditious passage to the destination. However, we cannot guarantee delivery internationally. In cases of rare and extenuating circumstances we will make our best effort to resolve any shipping disputes arising from international orders.

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